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Feb 2022

Opening Doors to New Markets With Standard Chartered

To some, a film about facilitating complex transactions and building financial relationships in emerging markets may not immediately conjure images of jaw-dropping footage captured on FPV drones; however, that is exactly what we brought to our forward-thinking clients at Standard Chartered when they challenged us to create a brand film that demonstrated their ability to open doorways to markets across the globe, allowing their clients to confidently break new ground in unfamiliar territories.

By capturing a series of breath-taking locations – each connected by a chain of doorways – we created a visual and symbolic representation of Standard Chartered’s extensive network of on-the-ground experts. Each of these doorways acts as a portal to our next location, creating one seamless shot that takes the viewer on a visceral journey through different markets.

“We developed an ambitious creative, which required FPV drone filming in numerous countries around the world – no small task with travel restrictions still in place from the pandemic. Working with Dream Beach Media, we sourced highly talented, in-country teams and remotely produced and directed each shot following meticulous flight plans – a truly epic adventure.”
– Mark Wilson, Executive Producer at Chrome Productions

From London’s famous Tower Bridge through to the tropics in Indonesia, the film features ten different countries filmed across four continents. As well as acting as a portal for our camera to travel through, the doors illustrate the diverse range of cultures in which they’ve been placed. The visual effects team did a tremendous job at creating the photorealistic doors and seamlessly implementing them into the different environments.

“This film is a great example of contemporary filmmaking, which Chrome Productions made happen by bringing together specialists from many disciplines across multiple continents. The technical challenges required and investment of time from all parties meant everyone had to play their collaborative part, enabling the director and the VFX team to open these doorways.”
– Carl Grinter, Visual Effects Producer

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