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Our Services

Creative Consulting

Our global creative team excels at finding authentic and innovative ways to story-tell through video production. We partner with brands, marketers, and agencies at every step of the creative journey to ensure they meet their digital and content marketing communication goals and engage consumers. Whether we are tasked with consulting on a client’s existing idea or generating original concepts that meet the needs of a specific brief, our flexible creative team will bring an inventive and innovative angle to each project we undertake.

Creative Ideation

Developing original creative responses to the unique briefs of our clients is the core of our business. We pride ourselves on always delivering imaginative, engaging, original, and bespoke concepts to our clients and their audiences.


Regardless of the output, our global creative team possesses a deft touch when it comes to writing and revising advertising and marketing copy. We craft our scripts, treatments, and proposals to deliver only the clearest and most creative messaging to your audience.

Production Approach

In advertising, marketing, and communications, every detail matters. That ethos dictates how Chrome handles every aspect of production. From designing robust online livestreams, programming safe stunts, or building sets, we take the utmost care to ensure the look and feel match the message that your brand is trying to convey.

Virtual Production & XR

Chrome always has its finger on the pulse of revolutionary new video production technology – and nowhere is that more evident than with our use of virtual production. Chrome has produced multiple campaigns for our clients using virtual production and XR to solve creative and logistical challenges.

Live Broadcast Design & Production

Video production for live broadcast presents a unique set of creative challenges – once the cameras roll, there’s no turning back. Our global team has produced numerous award-winning livestreams for corporate clients. From creating original sets, to providing robust audio and video streaming solutions, to designing best-in-class graphics, Chrome has set and reset the bar in live and hybrid events on behalf of our clients.

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Offline Editing

As a full-service production company, Chrome offers state of the art in-house post-production facilities. With a roster of hugely talented editors, Chrome ensures that the creativity and flair for which we are known carries through every project. From assembly to fine cuts – and everything in between – Chrome offers a full suite of editing services, providing unparalleled flexibility and value to our clients.


Our significant experience working with top international voice over artists, as well as creating bespoke music composition and sound design, puts Chrome in a unique position to deliver high quality and dynamic audio post-production.

Colour Grading

Colour grading is one of the final stages of the post-production process and an opportunity to make the colours match and pop, or to bake in a specific look and feel. As with every stage, this part of the process requires expertise and attention to detail and we give every film its final polish with pride and precision.

Animation, Motion Graphics, VFX

From stylised text to explainer animations, to CGI cars, Chrome works with top-tier animators, motion graphics artists and compositors to bring the wildest ideas to life.

Versioning and QC

After perfecting the aesthetic and emotional brief for our films, our team are experienced in quality control and versioning for multiple languages. We dive into the technicalities to ensure that any film we produce meets the required specifications. Whether that be ensuring compliant audio and video levels, transcribing or translating, reformatting for multiple aspect ratios, or creating and checking captioning, Chrome guarantees that the mechanics of our videos are always to the same high standard as the creative.