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Jun 2024

Ford Returns to Le Mans: Mustang GT3 Dares to Dream

In the latest chapter of Ford Motor Company's storied legacy at Le Mans, America's most iconic vehicle met France's most iconic race for the first time. Created alongside our animation partner Blind Pig, this film tells the story of Ford Mustang® from inception to race day, illustrating a legacy that continues to inspire each new generation.

Ford sought to ignite curiosity and anticipation with a film that would create goosebumps and provide viewers with a mix of historical insight and future-focused vision. With Mustang®-like speed and efficiency, Chrome developed and delivered the emotive film, led by a sonorous voiceover, that reflects the Mustang® team's and fans' emotions about taking on such a momentous race.

Andy Cardy, Senior Editor at Chrome and Design Director on this project, remarked, "Finding a balance between high octane racing and the emotive passion of Mustang® was key. I worked alongside Stephen Parker, our Executive Creative Director, to fine-tune those two elements in the edit during the animatic stages. Blind Pig did an excellent job translating these themes through the line work and texture of the animation. We think the result is a film that feels fast, yet full of heart."

Watch the full film here!

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