Ford Fiesta Bedtime Story Grandfather and Grandson
Chrome decoration

Oct 2022

Farewell Fiesta

After a spectacular forty-year run, the Fiesta was set to bid farewell to the roads, and Ford asked us to create a film that properly celebrated this trusty vehicle for its many years of service.We created a performance-led film that pays emotional tribute to the car through the narrative device of a bedtime story from grandfather to grandson. The frame allowed us to bring audiences back to the reasons they loved the trusty Fiesta that became a stalwart of so many people’s lives, playing a significant role in big moments, little moments, and first moments. Now, after nine generations of the iconic small car, it’s time to say thank you…and goodbye.

In this film, Chrome brought the Fiesta’s journey to life, paying homage to its familiarity, accessibility, and reliability, describing it as a teacher, a wingman, an old faithful friend, and part of the family. By combining cinematic narrative with iconic archival footage of the Fiesta over the years, we come to understand and appreciate all that the Fiesta has done for us and for Ford. Although Ford has closed the chapter on this particular car, the extent to which a single one of their vehicles became embedded in our cultural consciousness underscores the significant presence the Ford brand carries.

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