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Oct 2023

Chrome's Latest Project With Multimatic Showcases Wicked Design

Multimatic is one of the most prolific and advanced automotive engineering partners in the industry, but their name is not as recognisable as their work. Chief among their engineering advancements is the proprietary spool valve technology that underpins all their shock absorbers. This revolutionary, technology-driven solution provides adaptive and dependable dampening on the track, road, and off-road. With direct-to-consumer aspirations for their industry leading DSSV damper systems, Multimatic came to us to make their story known.

We immediately latched on to their legacy within the industry as an entry point for a film. But it was the beauty of the precision engineering that really drew us in, and we knew that we needed to incorporate it into the creative approach. We pulled from a variety of our expertise including: a live-action shoot, race footage, and a beautifully complex VFX explosion of their premiere dampers. Ultimately, we were able to create a film that visually communicates DSSV's leadership within the world of automotive dampening technology, while building a narrative for the viewer that brought to life the sheer volume of trophies that Multimatic's DSSV technology has brought home.

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