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Jun 2021

Chrome Productions And Born Social Get Messy to Launch New Products For VAX

How do you make cleaning fun? That was the brief that the team at Born Social came to Chrome Productions to solve. What followed was an epic collaboration to help Vax launch their exciting new product line with a series of relatable and humorous vignettes featuring six new products.

“Vax aims to create technology that allows cleaning to fit into the busy schedules of today’s consumers, rather than scheduling life around cleaning. To connect with the target audience, our goal was to create stories that found the extraordinary in the everyday, the fascinating in the familiar, and – most importantly – the fun in the vacuums.” – Hannah Chitty, Producer at Chrome Productions

Each film starts with a heavily stylised everyday scene – for example, a father feeding his toddler in a highchair – before cutting to a slow-motion drama: the toddler tossing his spaghetti onto the floor. What follows, crucially, is the ‘Aha!’ moment where a shiny, new Vax product saves the day, all while showcasing its impressive cleaning prowess. 

To appeal to a modern consumer and stand out within social media feeds, we created colourful sets for each vignette. Striking, yet simple, these sets acutely focused the attention on the action of the scene, which was made even more engaging through super slow-motion Phantom camera technology.We chose a classical, dramatic soundtrack to set the tone for the unfolding disasters. These choices together not only heightened the drama of the mess, but also conveyed the relatable satisfaction gained simply from cleaning up. 

“Animals and children are both infamous in the industry – and in life – for introducing both uncertainty and added complications to any production. We decided to shoot with a dog AND a toddler on the same day – not because we are crazy – but because we knew that the Vax products could handle the mess. Thanks to the amazing team at Born Social, our cast and talented crew were able to capture better than planned real life moments of humour in the studio that also enabled us to showcase Vax’s new line-up.”
– Hannah Chitty, Producer at Chrome Productions

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