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Dec 2023

Bring on the Mountain

Once again collaborating with our partner Ford, Chrome Productions took on one of our biggest challenges yet: racing an all-electric vehicle up Pikes Peak, the highest summit of the southern Front Range of the Rocky Mountains in an attempt to break the record.

With 156 turns, and climbing a staggering 14,115 feet in elevation, Pikes Peak presents significant challenges to any driver: tight chicanes, uneven surfaces, and thinning air as altitude climbs. Always seeking new adventures, Chrome wholeheartedly jumped into the project, dedicating over 15 days of filming, sleeping overnight on the mountain ahead of the race, and using the electric vehicles on site to power everything from lights to coffee makers.

Romain Dumas, who holds the record for the fastest ascent up Pikes Peak, once again took on the mountain with Ford, strapping into the new all electric SuperVan 4.2 to race up this gruelling track. Chrome used 7 different types of cameras – including 1 Red Raptor unit, 2 Red Komodo units, 1 Red Weapon, 2 Arri Alexa Minis, 1 DJI Mavic unit, 1 DJI X7 unit, and 7 GoPros – to capture this extraordinary feat of engineering and athleticism.

The result? Ford was delighted SuperVan broke its class record, achieved its goal, and very nearly shattered all records. And we at Chrome were thrilled to have created such a compelling and dramatic piece of work; indeed, this nearly 20-minute film elevated our storytelling from a traditional documentary to a spirited and entertaining epic.

Bring on the mountain!

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