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May 2023

BecomingX and Chrome Productions Announce New Docuseries 'Becoming Extraordinary'

Chrome Productions is delighted to present our docuseries ‘Becoming Extraordinary,’ in partnership with Bear Grylls’ production company BecomingX and entertainment streamer Da Vinci. Comprising interviews from successful people across industries – including Julia Roberts, Dame Kelly Holmes, Roger Federer, Ursula Burns, Channing Tatum, and Danica Patrick – the ‘Becoming Extraordinary’ series aims to spark creativity, motivate, and inspire young audiences to reach their full potential.

When the BecomingX team approached us with the exciting opportunity to develop their inspiring and thought-provoking content for a younger, fresher audience, we leapt at this chance. ‘Becoming Extraordinary’ posed many challenges, chief among them the tone and messaging; how can you ask a hugely successful and famous person to give advice in an honest, down-to-earth, and engaging manner? The desire to connect titans of entertainment, athletics, business and more to a young, wide-eyed, and hungry audience demanded intense creativity and a rigorous production approach.

Sam Strong, Creative at Chrome Productions, noted, ‘The success of this project stems from the resilience across our entire team. We took the BecomingX model and transformed it into a completely new format for a new audience, a personal highlight for me. Working alongside the Xtraordinary talents of Mwaksy and Evan was an honour; to have their experience onset and ability to collaborate was a dream. Our immensely skilled crew understood the intricacies and sensitivity needed to convey these stories and the wonderful post team at Chrome worked their magic to set the series apart from the rest. From development all the way through to post, together we delivered real-life, inspirational content that families can enjoy collectively, while also finding immediate applications in their everyday lives.’

Chrome is immensely proud and honoured to have collaborated with the BecomingX team on this fantastic project.

“There are no shortcuts to success, but there are some secrets. We wanted to create a series where families around the globe can hear first-hand from some of the world’s greatest achievers and realize that they too can attain extraordinary things.” – Bear Grylls

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