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Chrome Productions Takes Home Five AutoVision Awards in 2021

As the leading European celebration of creativity within the automotive industry, the AutoVision Awards recognize the best in auto commercials, TV, websites and more. Chrome Productions’ work on behalf of Ford Motor Company has earned it five AutoVision Awards spanning four different projects.

“Being recognised for five AutoVision Awards is just incredible, and a testament to the hard work and creativity of our teams both in the UK and the US,” stated Joel Mishcon, CEO of Chrome Productions. “The diversity of wins across award categories speaks to Chrome’s agility and our passion for storytelling and technical innovation in this sector.”

Winning both a Gold and Black OttoCar trophy for the ‘Commercials Over 60 Seconds’ and ‘Best Editing’ categories is ‘Enter…the 2021 F-150 Raptor’ – the highly-anticipated global launch of the all-new, 2021 model of Ford’s premier off-road performance truck. Set to Metallica’s ever-iconic ‘Enter Sandman’, the epic three-minute film follows one man’s annual pilgrimage through the California desert to visit a memory-laden cairn that memorializes his father. 

The film, which served as the centrepiece of the virtual launch event for the Raptor, was directed by Scott Weintrob (Apple TV+’s Home and Netflix’s Fastest Car) alongside Director of Photography Khalid Mohtaseb (Uncle Frank and The Wolf Hour). Chrome Productions’ in-house editor Alessandro Dordoni brought his unique energy and style to this cut, seamlessly dipping between emotional narrative and high-octane driving sequences to create a complex and visually-engaging spot. Dordoni built the cut to allow Enter Sandman prominence in every scene – paying homage both to the iconic track and the iconic truck.

It was only the second time in history that Metallica has licenced its most iconic and protected track ‘Enter Sandman’ for commercial purposes. The result? An adrenaline-fueled, jaw-dropping film.

Mustang Lifetime Achievement Screenshot
“Lifetime Achievement” Wins “Best Editing”

To celebrate the release of the Ford Mustang Mach-E, the first all-electric Mustang, Ford once again turned to Chrome Productions to create an emotion-filled film. The film consists of a nostalgic montage of shots of the world’s greatest and most beloved Mustangs, from Mustangs in films, to racing Mustangs, to Mustangs at family homes. The film embodies the spirit of the all-American car company, Ford Motor Company, and its legendary, all-American car – the Ford Mustang. Through meticulous research & creative editing, Chrome Productions was able to pay appropriate homage to the Mustang not only as an all-American car, but as this award shows –a car with clear global appeal. This project, ‘Lifetime Achievement’, won a Black OttoCar trophy in the “Best Editing” category for the AutoVision Awards. 

“Making the Mustang Mach-E” Wins Gold Award – Best Marking Communications – B2C

In this 20-minute documentary, Chrome Productions and Ford Motor Company once again paired up to honour the release of the groundbreaking, all-electric Mustang Mach-E. The film, ‘Making Mustang Mach-E’, opens with Ford Motor Company chairman, Bill Ford, being asked “What does Mustang stand for?” before launching into a montage of historic footage of the Mustang. The answser to this question comes from various stakeholders who set the bar for re-invention of the Mustang – from design, to engineering, to Mustang owners.  This film, which won a Gold OttoCar trophy in the “Marketing Communications B2C” category, allows for a shockingly honest look into the behind the scenes process of re-creating a model as iconic as the Mustang and the perfect scene setter for one of the most significant reveals in automotive history: the day Mustang went Electric. 

“All-Electric F-150 Prototype: Tows 1M+ Pounds” Wins Silver Award – Best Branded Content Video  

Who better to test the next generation of the Ford F-150 then real-life owners. In this film, multiple generations of F-150 acolytes were asked to test-drive an al-new iteration of the F-150. To heighten the drama, it was only revealed to be a prototype electric vehicle once they had already seen it. What better way to visualize 42 years of market dominance than to load 42 F-150 trucks onto 10 double decker train cars, and have the electric prototype effortlessly tow it. The stunt took many owners of traditional internal combustion F-Series by surprise, and created a huge global buzz for the electrified version of the best selling vehicle in America. ‘All-Electric F-150 Prototype: Tows 1M+ Pounds’ won Chrome Productions a Silver OttoCar trophy in the “Branded Content Videos” category of the AutoVision Awards.

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