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May 2023

Chrome Wins Three Platinum Trophies at 2023 LIT Commercial Awards

We are excited to announce that we have been awarded three Platinum trophies in the 2023 LIT Commercial Awards across three separate categories and for three distinct clients.

Ford: “Our Time” - Platinum in the “Best Branded Content – Automotive” category

Ford selected us to create the film to announce Ford’s long-anticipated return to Formula 1 and its industry-defining partnership with Red Bull Racing to create Red Bull Ford Powertrains. The film’s heavily metaphorical narrative pays careful homage to Ford’s successful track record at F1 and its deep motorsport legacy whilst also harkening forward to its future as a technologically-advanced, sustainability-minded leader in the future of mobility.

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Christie’s: “Jean Michel Basquiat’s Sugar Ray Robinson” - Platinum in the “Best Branded Content – Culture” category

In his powerful portrait of boxing icon Sugar Ray Robinson, Jean-Michel Basquiat captures the image of a warrior, fighter and Black athlete transcending into the realm of hero and icon. The team at Christie’s challenged us to create a film that both showcased the visceral power of this work and celebrated the icon status of both artist and subject. In less than 72 hours, we secured a custom boxing ring, cast two real-world boxers and a jazz drummer, and designed a complex lighting design and motion-control production using the Bolt X to capture precise and easily-replicable movements around the ring.

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Standard Chartered: “Walk With Us” - Platinum in the “Best Branded Content - Financial Services” category

Standard Chartered approached us with a problem: their various regions had similar messaging needs but wildly different content executions and customer bases. We saw this as an opportunity to use a modular content capture approach to create a versatile, global content toolkit – and to do it sustainably using virtual production. Working closely with marketing leaders in each region we were able to identify the visual and content differences needed across multiple key markets and create films and still images that connected in each market.

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The global team at Chrome congratulates our clients, team, and the talented cast and crew across each of these unique and who gave their all to make these projects happen!

The LIT Commercial Awards celebrate excellence in audiovisual content, including videos and television across all screens, from local to international horizons. The LIT Commercial Awards also shed light on and honor the obscured production crews who contribute so greatly to the industry.

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