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Apr 2024

'Becoming Xtraordinary' Named a Webby Awards Honouree

Chrome Productions is thrilled to announce that, in collaboration with BecomingX and Da Vinci, our original 10-part series Becoming Xtraordinary has been recognised by The Webby Awards as an Honouree in the ‘Video Documentary’ category.

Only the top 25% of all work entered into the 28th Annual Webby Awards - recognising the “Best of the Internet” - has been honoured as a Webby Honouree by the judging academy, and we couldn't be prouder to be amongst such wonderful company. This prestigious acknowledgment highlights our commitment to telling inspiring stories and producing content that can make a difference. More than just a TV show, Becoming Xtraordinary is a roadmap to success as told by some of the world’s most influential and inspiring people, including Dame Kelly Holmes, Roger Federer, Channing Tatum, and Courteney Cox. Additionally, we had the pleasure of working with the endlessly talented presenters Mwaksy Mudenda and Evan Edinger; of the experience, Director & Writer Sam Strong recalls, “Working alongside the Xtraordinary talents of Mwaksy Mudenda and Evan Edinger was incredible; to have their experience, chemistry, and onset magic was a dream to collaborate with.”

We would like to thank all our viewers and supporters who have watched or been a part of this amazing series. We would also like to shout out the BecomingX team, Paul Gurney – Founder and CEO of BecomingX, and Co-founder Bear Grylls, who have nurtured a passion for developing people’s potential and maximising their capabilities, not to mention David Gurney who helped bring the vision come to life.

Special thanks to Creative Producer & Writer Elise Rappoport and our very own Director & Writer Sam Strong – who brought their talent, style, grit, perseverance, and determination to make this project happen. From day one, their passion was unwavering. Congratulations to the entire team who managed to turn this ambitious idea into a series that will help the next generation reach their potential.

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