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Oct 2023

BBC TV Licensing

We are excited to announce the release of our recent social campaign for TV Licensing, in collaboration with the wonderful agency RAPP, is now LIVE!

From captivating dramas, to side-splitting comedies that leave you in stitches, live TV delivers a vast range of genres that cater to every taste. This campaign brings these genres to life in a fun and engaging way, reminding you of the incredible variety available at your fingertips!

The aim of the 4 part mini-series was to remind viewers of the amazing content and the emotional value live TV brings into their lives, and the importance of paying your TV Licence.

We covered 4 genres from Cooking, Drama, Sport and Talent Shows. In each spot a lead character sits down after a hard day at work and starts flicking through the channels, until they find a genre which sparks their interest. Once they select a particular genre, the scene, their wardrobe and any supporting cast are transformed into a heightened reality to match their selected show - these were a lot of fun to make!

Huge thanks to our talented crew and wonderful clients at Rapp and the BBC for trusting us to bring these to life.

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