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Chrome Productions creates bespoke solutions for brands and organisations within the ever-changing landscape of video content. One particular focus has been providing innovative and award-winning livestreams. By marrying cutting-edge technology with decades of production experience and top-tier talent, we are able to capture the magic of live events through reimagined global broadcasts, high-production-value webinars, conferences, live performances, panel discussions, press conferences and more.

Transforming events into unique digital or hybrid formats will keep your audience engaged & up to date with your latest achievements – but there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Read more about our approach below, or to start a discussion contact [email protected] for any UK/Europe enquiries or [email protected] for the US.

“For the team at Chrome Productions, live streaming goes much further than helping our clients navigate the pandemic, it is about using technology & creative production to completely reimagine how they can connect with existing and new audiences.”

Joel Mishcon, Founder & CEO, Chrome Productions

Bespoke Broadcasts

In March 2020, Sotheby’s realised that the global COVID-19 pandemic would present significant challenges to their conventional business model for marquee auctions. Without the ability to travel, and with strict social distancing measures in place across the UK, US and Asia, the traditional ‘auction room’ setup was no longer an option.

Sotheby’s turned to Chrome to find a solution. The following video explores how Chrome solved this unique challenge and in doing so ushered the entire industry into a new chapter – The Auction of the Future.

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Live Events & Fundraising

Livestreaming is an incredible way of broadening the addressable audience of traditional live events, growing engagement across social platforms and increasing donations or revenue opportunities. Our clients from The David Lynch Foundation, who would usually hold a high-profile, in-person gala and concert, reached out to Chrome to ask us to re-define what a fundraising gala could be in a digital world. The video below highlights how we approached this redefinition of a gala and the exceptional talent partnerships that made the show a complete success.

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Speaker Series, Q&A’s and Webinars

Over the past 5 years, virtual discussions have steadily increased in popularity and Chrome has produced a variety of digital discussions & speaker series for our clients. Our recommended approach to webinars focuses on clean, simple, and elegant production with scalable additions – such as audience participation functionality, bespoke branding and in-studio elements. This approach to discussions not only allows brands to reach a broader audience through both web & social media placements, but also allows for access to new on-camera talent pools given that there is no need to travel in order to participate.

Working with the talented people at Phaidon and Sanpellegrino, we recently produced two virtual events titled “Today’s Special: Chef Conversations”, which focussed on conversations celebrating the book launch of Today’s Special. The book features 20 Leading Chefs who choose 100 Emerging Chefs at a time the themes of mentorship, innovation, resilience and global industry support networks matter more than ever.

Similarly, our recent series ‘Sotheby’s Talks’ featured some of the world’s biggest names in the Arts world including the likes of ‘Tracey Emin, Fai Khadra, Kehinde Wiley and Sterling Ruby’ in conversation with experts, collectors, artists, and innovators. These 60-minute webinars are a great example of how we bring together remote speakers from across the globe into one, captivating conversation.

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We look forward to working with you. Please contact [email protected] for any UK/Europe enquiries or [email protected] for US enquiries.