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Chrome Productions Delivers Ford F-150 Raptor Global Reveal Film

Chrome Productions flexed its storytelling muscle and full-service production capabilities by partnering its Los Angeles and London-based teams to deliver the latest in its buzzworthy global product launches for Ford.

Chrome Productions has partnered with Ford on several of their recent, high-profile product reveals including the Mustang Mach-E and the ground-breaking all-electric F-150; but the commission to deliver the reveal film for the brand’s iconic performance pick-up truck – the all-new 2021 Ford F-150 Raptor – was possibly their biggest challenge yet. The film was shot on-location in the remote Southern California desert amidst ample COVID-19 restrictions that forced the production into an ambitious three-week turnaround.

The result is a jaw-dropping, 2 ½ minute film conceived, produced, and edited by Chrome Productions that receives an extra shot of adrenaline from its soundtrack of Metallica’s iconic “Enter Sandman”.

Directed by Scott Weintrob (Apple TV+’s Home and Netflix’s Fastest Car) alongside Director of Photography Khalid Mohtaseb (Uncle Frank and The Wolf Hour), the piece was filmed on-location with a crew of just under 60 heads – all operating under the tightest COVID-19 restrictions – and with a full quiver of the latest production tools. Chrome Productions achieved a dynamic visual experience in the extreme and varied terrain by using high-speed photography to capture incredible detail, employing bespoke, adapted racing drones for unique points of view and by pioneering the off-road cinematographic first of mounting a camera crane onto the hero car to get unique 360° shots in the wild.

With an ambitious post-production schedule, Chrome’s film editor Alessandro Dordoni rose to the task to help craft a jaw dropping spot that once again shows Chrome’s capabilities.

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